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Woodmans: Weekly Sale Ad! Yesssss!!



No. I totally DID NOT believe it either…but thanks to SGM reader, Becki, we all can check out Woodman’s Sale Ad!

I was soooo excited about this that I had to hurry up and throw it up here! I don’t have any match-ups for you and HOPEFULLY can get at them tonight after the Copps match-ups are finished!


Admit it…you are JUST as excited as I am! LOL


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  1. I admit it! I AM just as excited (and shocked) as you are! Thank you Mary Jo and Becki!

  2. Where is it? For some reason the link just goes to the main page.

    • Hi Korin :)

      This was a past post and it looks like Woodman’s no longer puts their weekly ad up online. They did that one time and now, I have been checking every month and have not seen a new one since :(

  3. Do you have cedar crest ice cream in buckets. Also the price

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