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The Wilderness Resort Review! Come check out ALL THE FUN at The Wilderness Resort in Wisconsin Dells!

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Disclosure: My family was given 4 Wild Fun Passes from The Wilderness to conduct this review. All opinions are 100% my own.

The Wilderness Resort in Wisconsin Dells is an AWESOME destination for your Family Spring Break (or any break!) Vacation! Fun in the Winter, Fun in the Summer! It’s an amazing vacation destination, YEAR ROUND!

Do you ever get in a vacation “rut” with the kids? You spend all that money on a nice hotel and the only excitement for the family is a pool that could MAYBE fit 10 people in it, next to a room with 2 arcade games… Yea. Not my idea of Family Fun.

So, where can YOU take your family to have year-round fun?
The Wilderness Resort in Wisconsin Dells! We travel here at least once a year with our 3 kids (ages 17, 15 & 6) and it’s THE ONE PLACE where we can spend a WHOLE WEEK and we NEVER hear the words…”I’m Bored!”

There is SO much for EVERYONE to do at The Wilderness! Here is a quick rundown:

Because The Wilderness wants you and your family to have as much fun as possible, (and likes to help us deal seekers!) they have this pretty cool perk called The Wild Fun Pass. It costs $19 (+ tax) and gives you these amenities:

  • 1 Admission to the NEW Northern Lights Sky Ropes Course
  • 9 Holes of black light mini-golf at the Wild Buccaneer
  • 9 Holes of black light mini-golf at the Wild Abyss
  • 1 Bumper boat ride at the Wild West Bumper Boats
  • 1 Game of laser tag at the OK Corral Lazer Arena
  • 1 Admission to Haunted Hotel & Mirror Maze
  • $1 Off hand-blended ice cream at Pistol Pete’s

It’s a Savings of 50% off of ALL of the activities included on the pass! WOW! We ALWAYS buy these when we visit The Wilderness. It really wouldn’t be a vacation if we didn’t play mini golf…or if my husband didn’t take my son through the Haunted House…or my girls didn’t try out the Ropes Course!
This year, they all tried out the Lazer Tag for the first time and had a LOT of fun! My husband LOVED it! They will definitely be doing the Lazer Tag when we go back!
Getting back to the Wild Fun Pass, what’s cool about it is if one person in your party doesn’t like mini golf and someone else wants to go through the courses more than once, that’s OK! No one card is assigned to one person. You all can share them! You want to go on the ropes course twice but your husband doesn’t? No Problem! You can use his card the second time! Pretty cool huh?

And check out this deal! If you call ahead to The Wilderness and purchase 3 of the Wild Fun Passes, you’ll get 1 FREE!
Be sure you call to make sure this promotion is still available!
wilderness wild fun pass free

If we don’t use the whole card up, we hold onto it for our next visit! No use of the cards going to waste, right?
Because you KNOW you will be back! :)

One thing I have to mention that was a HUGE PERK to staying with The Wilderness Properties… ALL of their Waterparks are EXCLUSIVE to their guests ONLY! You won’t have to worry about over-crowding from the other hotels!

The Customer Service at The Wilderness and all of it’s properties was outstanding!
ALL staff members, in the hotel AND the waterparks, gave us excellent customer service. No matter the request, they did what they could to make things right.
We only had ONE tiny problem, and that was in the Northern Lights arcade when a game wasn’t working properly and took credits off of my daughter’s card, even though the game didn’t work. We told someone at the desk and they corrected the problem RIGHT away, by adding the credits back onto her card and servicing the machine.
OH YEA! That’s another thing that ROCKS about The Wilderness! Their arcade games don’t take quarters. They take credits off a swipe card that looks like a credit card. You just add “quarters” onto the card for your child (or yourself, because, hey… we all love our skeeball!) and you don’t have to worry about that heavy pocket of quarters! And, if you are playing a game that gives out credits, they will be automatically added onto your card! Now, how cool is that? :)

wilderness big balls crane game
When you check out the Northern Lights Arcade, be sure to check out the big ball crane machine (as my son liked to call it!)
We left our vacation with 2 of those HUGE suckers! One purple, One Blue :)
wilderness arcade
He also LOVED playing Connect 4 on the HUGE game they have…seriously…HUGE!
wilderness arcade connect 4

My son’s favorite waterpark in The Wilderness was the Wild Waterdome. Mainly for the wave pool! He loved surfin’ the waves in the inner tube…while my husband held onto it, of course :)
ALL Wilderness Waterparks also offer FREE use of their lifejackets for the little ones. We made sure Jackson ALWAYS had one on, when we were in “The Big Wave” Wave Pool.
wilderness waterdome wave pool
A couple of super cool things about the Wild Waterdome, other than the wave pool, fun kiddy/toddler water activity area and the Dueling Mammoths Water Slides… is the roof.

wilderness waterdome ceiling roof
It is a state-of-the-art Foil Tec roof, which allows guests to tan indoors YEAR ROUND and allows plants to grow inside in the Winter! So, when the sun is out, be sure to remember the sunscreen!
Wait… I said a couple of cool things, besides all that other awesome stuff…right?
Well, check this out!

WIlderness Bananas
REAL BANANAS are growing on a Banana Tree IN the Wild Waterdome Waterpark…IN WISCONSIN! Cool stuff, huh? hee hee! :)

There is something for everyone at The Wilderness! My teenage girls LOVED all of the water slides in Klondike Kavern and the Wild West Waterpark, mini golf, arcade and the ropes course. My 6 year old son made himself at home in the Wild Waterdome, Cubby’s Cove, the arcade and … yes…the haunted house! I enjoyed a yummy chocolate peanut butter hand-blended ice cream Indulgence at Pistol Pete’s, soaking in the indoor/outdoor whirlpool in Cubby’s Cove and lounging in the “sun” at the Wild Waterdome. And my husband LOVED the ropes course and playing lazer tag with the girls.

wilderness wisconsin dells family vacation review
We all had SO. MUCH. FUN. at The Wilderness, we just didn’t want to leave. But, as with all amazing vacations, they must come to an end… we are counting down the days until our next visit!
To schedule YOUR Winter, Spring Break, Summer or “just for the heck of it” Vacation, contact The Wilderness in Wisconsin Dells!
1.800.867.WILD (9453) or

Wilderness Dells Family Vacation Fun


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  1. We have that same purple ball! We have our timeshare with Wyndham there (they own part of the resort) and it is so much fun! We took our family there for Christmas and it was amazing! So glad you had a good time!

  2. We are going there in 2 weeks! And I joined the Birthday Club and since my birthday is in the month of March, they sent me a coupon for $25 off a two night stay, and one FREE Family Fun Pass! I’m so glad we are going in March so we can use my birthday coupons!

    Looks like you had so much fun!

    • We were able to use Jenna’s Birthday coupon, too! Hey…every little bit helps! So, we had 5 of the passes. One for everyone but me :( LOL! But that’s OK, as long as someone left me their $1 off Pistol Pete’s Ice Cream, I wasn’t complainin’! :)

  3. Widyaning Ambarwati says:

    Good review for a great family break destination!

  4. Looks like a great family friendly place!!
    Whenever we visit Wisconsin, this looks like a must visit place!


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