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Target Cartwheel: A Whole New Spin on Savings at Target!

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Target Cartwheel
**I wanted to get a good grasp on the NEW Target Cartwheel program before I posted a “how-to” for it. I have used it a few times now and just LOVE it!

If you have been following along with my blog, you will know that I LOVE TARGET. LOVE TARGET! Why? Because it’s SO easy to Save money when shopping there!
Not only can you combine (or “stack”) Manufacturer Coupons AND Target Coupons on the same item, you can NOW save even MORE with Target Cartwheel!


What IS Target Cartwheel?

Target Cartwheel is a whole new spin on saving at Target stores. Together with Facebook, Cartwheel lets you connect with friends to share your favorite deals plus save money on the products you love.
You do need a Facebook account to be able to access Target Cartwheel. This lets you save MORE money at Target AND Share the savings with your friends.
There are HUNDREDS of offers available for you on Target Cartwheel! Savings from groceries to clothing, from office supplies to toys! Just TONS of offers!

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target cartwheel offers

Just head on over HERE to sign up for your FREE Target Cartwheel account. You will be able to sign in with Facebook. Super Easy!

  • To get started with your savings, you will be given 10 savings spots to add discounts to.
  • To add a discount to your cartwheel, just search for what you need to go shopping for and if there is a Cartwheel savings offer available, it will show up. OR, Target will load up similar offers for you to choose from.
  • Just click on the offer and the offer will spin around.
  • Then, click on ‘Add’ or you can click on ‘Details’ to learn more about the offer.
  • After you click ‘Add’, your offer will appear in ‘my Cartwheel’ and a little checkmark will show up in the corner of the offer.
target cartwheel

This is what you will see when you are signed into your Target Cartwheel, at the top of your screen…except it will have your name and your savings total :)

target cartwheel my badges

In the beginning, you will be given 10 spots to add cartwheel offers to. If you click on ‘my badges’ at the top of the Target Cartwheel screen, it will show you if you have earned any badges. The more badges you earn, the more savings spots you can open up! As of today, I have 15 spots that I can fill with Cartwheel Savings. To learn how you can earn the badge, just click on the empty space and it will tell you :)

target cartwheel my cartwheel

target cartwheel mobile coupons

Once you have the offers you need added to your Cartwheel, just click on ‘my Cartwheel’ at the top of your screen. Then click on ‘redeem in store’ and Print your Cartwheel!

You can access the Target Cartwheel app through your Facebook app or through your mobile browser on your smartphone.

It’s THAT Easy! Bring the printout with you to Target (or show the cashier through your facebook app on your phone) and have your cashier scan your Cartwheel Savings at the checkout. Your savings will automatically come off of your total!
And…Yes! You CAN use the Target Cartwheel Savings WITH a Target Coupon AND a Manufacturer Coupon for the SAME Product! How awesome is that?
Please Note: If you are using a Target Coupon (either printed or mobile), that savings will come off BEFORE the Target Cartwheel Savings.

So, how much have YOU saved so far with Target Cartwheel?

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