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Organizing your Coupon Stockpile – How do YOU do it? Share Pics with Me!

stockpile fail

Organizing Your Coupon Stockpile.

I have run into a stockpile organization rut. When I shop to replenish my stock, I have been just shoving the bags or products into my laundry room closet. This is where I store all the shampoo, razors, make-up… pretty much ALL of the personal care products that we have.

ANYWAY, it’s a complete mess right now. So, yes, I am in a rut.

I haven’t been replenishing my stockpile for a few months now. Wait. Who am I kidding? It’s been close to 6 months! YIKES! Yea, it was a little crazy around here. We ran out of toothpaste and were stuck using the Free samples that I received! LOL! But now that I have more time on my hands, I will be getting back to couponing. I haven’t really coupon’ed in like 6 or so months, so it’s kinda’ like I have to start over. I cleaned up my coupon binder, replenished that up real nice… but now my stock of laundry items, paper products and personal care items have just gone to… well, crap.

bath tissue stockpile

My twice a week trips to CVS, Walgreens and Target to grab the HOT Deals of the week are just sitting on my laundry room floor because I refuse to just shove them in that closet! LOL! I have to find time to ORGANIZE!

I would LOVE to see photos of your nicely organized stockpiles! I want to see how YOU keep things nice and tidy! OR if you have any awesome tips for all of us, please share!
If you have a tip, comment below!
If you want to share a pic of your AWESOME stockpile, please send the pic(s) to maryjo (at) savingreenmom (dot) com
I can’t WAIT to see them!

laundry stockpile

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  1. Holy crap (no pun intended) on the TP in the hallway!

  2. LOL i know how you feel that is what my stock pile used to look like when i lived in a appartment it was shove it where ever i could :) I still need to re organize but know i have a lot of room to work with :)

    • Yes! Having more room is always awesome! I could make more room in the other closet in the laundry room… but that would take me all day to re-orgainze that…lol

  3. Crystal says:

    My apartment looks like a hurricane came. I need to clean it and my stockpile.LOL!

    • I want to, really, I do…but I would need to move a table or something in there, so I can unload everything! I am sure I would end up donating a lot. I am not even sure what’s all in there!!!!!!

  4. Cathy E. says:

    I have stuff everywhere! My husband just added an extra shelf at the top part of the pantry. There is room for another one, so he may just have to get to work on another one! I am not organized and would love to have a room full of shelves to put things. But, I am not an extreme couponer at all.

    • Me too! EVERYWHERE! I have NO room to put my cereal in my cupboards, I don’t have a pantry, so that stinks!!
      I have very limited room… so I think I will give my kids cereal for dinner! LOL!

      And, no, I don’t consider myself and extremer, either. Smart and Savvy? Yes! :)

  5. LOL! That looks so familiar! I got some bins from the dollar tree and organized my health and beauty products with them, so they are pretty much under control at the moment. I keep most of the TP and paper towels in the garage, if you have one. My kitchen is where I need the most help at the moment, it’s pretty disorganized…and it doesn’t help that I keep adding to it!

    I was wondering if you are still happy with your laser printer, I am thinking about getting one. I missed it when the price was lower on Amazon…but I’m still watching…I need to stop buying ink! :)

    • I would keep the TP and paper stuff in the garage, except well… my husband really needs to clean it! LOL!

      And yes, I am still VERY happy with my laser printer! I think you should get one! Seriously! If you print lots of coupons, it’s SO worth it!

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