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*HOT* Amazon Bath Tissue Deal! Cottonelle Clean Care Case of 32 Double Rolls ONLY $14.81 shipped!

cottonelle amazon deal

Amazon Bath Tissue Deal

If you have been following my blog for awhile, you will know that one thing I HATE buying is toilet paper/bath tissue. It takes up a TON of space in my shopping cart and it’s just SO much easier (AND CHEAPER!) to buy it online and have it shipped RIGHT to your door for you!
Buy it IS a necessity, so it has to be done :)

My favorite place to buy TP is Amazon. There are ALWAYS deals popping up here and there for TP…shipped RIGHT to your door! LOVE THAT! :)

Here’s today’s deal…

Grab a Case of Cottonelle: 8 packs of 4 Double Rolls for ONLY $14.81 shipped.

cottonelle bath tissue

Here are the details:

  • Head on over HERE to view the Cottonelle Clean Care Bath Tissue.
  • Then, look down a TEENY bit and clip on the $2.00 Coupon towards the middle of your screen.
  • Finally, click on the “Subscribe Now” Yellow button on the right side of your screen.
    This will add you into the Subscribe and Save option for this product. Don’t worry. There is NO obligation to stay signed up. Just remember to log back in and cancel future shipments after the first one arrives :)
  • Just sign in and pay for your bath tissue and it will be delivered RIGHT to your door! Thanks UPS MAN!!! :)

Another tid-bit I live by is to NEVER, EVER pay more than $0.25 per regular roll of toilet paper. LESS than $0.25 per regular roll is MY stock-up price. Anytime I can find a deal that matches these prices, I hop on it! You can NEVER have too much toilet paper! :)



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