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Did you ever have a Hobby you just LOVED? …


… But then just gave up all of a sudden?
Why is it so easy to move from on thing to the next, then to the next and so on?
Or, is it just me and my husband that are like this? LOL!

One hobby of mine that I kind-of miss right now is creating birthday invites, announcements, etc…
Here is how it all started…
I wanted to make my kid’s birthday invites more “fun” and personalized, so I hunted around on etsy and found a TON of people selling kids birthday invites that they made. They were anywhere from $10-$20 each and they would send you the picture (.jpg file) and then you would have them printed up at a Kodak kiosk, Walmart, Target or anywhere you order photos from.
I thought well, heck… I could probably make up my own for free!

So, that’s what I set out to do.
I started with just using some cute looking fonts in PhotoShop and some free elements/graphics that I would find online. A couple months later, a friend told me about online scrapbooking and said that you could buy graphic sets from people who created them. I looked into it further and purchased some sets, emailed the creators to get their permission that I used them in my invites and I was all ready to go!

I made my first invite template and then fell in love with creating them… it was this one invite that started it all for me: (It is watermarked to avoid copying, because hey… I worked HOURS on these things!!!)


After that, I was creating invites for friends and family left and right. So, I decided to open up an easy store to sell my creations. I named my store “Cupcake Creations”, pretty much because of my obsession with baking and decorating cupcakes. See, now that hobby has never left me! LOL!
People were asking me (and PAYING me) to create TONS of invites. Baby Showers, Wedding Showers, Baby Announcements, Party Invites, Party Favor printables and Birthday Invites, which was my most popular request.
My Toy Story invite soon became my MOST popular invite. Probably because it was around the time that Toy Story 3 was out in theaters :)

If you would like to check out some of my invites, etc… you can see them on my Cupcake Creations Facebook page that I created awhile back. 

I am not quite sure what lead me to leave my invite creating hobby. Looking back on my creations, I really miss it! I think maybe it’s the creativity I miss, as right now…I just don’t feel so creative. :(

Have you ever had a hobby you just LOVED or enjoyed… but then left it in the dust?
Did it make you happy and now you are wondering WHY you left it?
Well, maybe it’s about time both of us pick it back up!
Who’s with me!?!? I would LOVE to hear about your hobbies!!!


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  1. I have scrapbooked and paper crafted on and off for 10 years. I started sewing 2 years ago and kept up with that until Christmas but after making my daughter, niece and nephew robes as gifts I kind of burned out. Nothing like sewing on Christmas morning and wrapping en route. I’m sure I’ll drift back to it eventually.


  1. DId you ever have a Hobby you just LOVED? ……

      … But then just gave up all of a sudden? Why is it so easy to move from on thing to the…

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